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I know first-hand the feelings of overwhelm and stress that can accompany an ADHD journey. The path can seem daunting, especially if you're walking it alone. But here's the truth: you are not alone.

Armed with a Master's degree in School Psychology and four enriching years as a Certified ADHD Coach, I've had the privilege of guiding many women like you towards greater self-awareness about their ADHD. Together, we've unlocked the transformative power of empathy and understanding, revealing untapped strengths and opening up new paths.

My role, using my professional background and passion, is to help you understand how ADHD shapes your life and how to turn these insights into actionable steps towards a brighter future. My goal is to provide coaching in a safe, judgment-free space that is entirely yours, where your unique journey and goals are the primary focus.

You can confidently move forward when you grasp the truth of what's possible.

Your journey towards empowerment begins here.

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Inspiring Stories of Transformation

I struggled with time management and preparing for graduate school interviews, feeling discouraged and inadequate. My confidence increased. Working with Alberta helped me get into graduate school!

She taught me to believe in my ability to do hard things, showing me that my unique approach to learning is a strength. Alberta is a thoughtful coach who understands the ADHD mind, helping you stay on task without feeling overwhelmed.

- Katie C.

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